Social Life

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The Best of December? The Lights!

Every year the University of Minnesota student group Tesla Works puts on an amazing light and music show with over 200,000 LED lights. The show, a tradition now after its fifth year on campus, is presented the first and second weekends of December...
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New friends at the U

Get to know the campus in your first week Coming from a different country, I found it very difficult to start my new life at the U at the very beginning. I arrived on campus long before school started. I felt very lost, of course. I barely knew...
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Networking holiday!

Wait, what? Yes! it is not just a networking event nor just a holiday. It is a combination of both... I really hope everyone had an awesome holiday! If you did not, don’t worry I've been there too. I had so many memories on thanksgiving break, some...
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University Events and the Middle of the Semester

We are right in the middle of the semester, and that means midterms, research, homework, and projects. But it is also a good time to get involved on campus (if you have not yet). It is the perfect time to get new friends and give yourself some time...
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U of M Homecoming 2015 by Sophie & Ocean

A few weeks ago, Ocean and I went to the 2015 UMN Homecoming Parade . What is a homecoming parade? You may ask, well, homecoming parade is the time that school c reated to encourage maroon spirit and to increase interest in attending Gopher athletic...
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Paint the Bridge @ The U of M

Every fall semester, the inside panels of Washington Avenue Bridge are covered in white paint, waiting for the student groups on campus to showcase their creativity and their group activities! Paint the Bridge is an annual 3-day event, where student...
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How to Make the Best Out of College

Hello gophers! I hope that the coming midterms are not stressing you out! While college can be pretty overwhelming with a bazillion credits and homework assignments, the support of friends, peers and fun social activities can help alleviate that...
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Becoming a board member!

Hi guys! I am back with my first blog of this Fall 2015! This past summer was a great experience for me since I went back to my home country - Viet Nam to visit my families and relatives after a year in college. Yep, there were a lot of stories,...
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Greek Life

So coming from another country to one of the biggest state universities is pretty intimidating. In fact, it's quite scary! One of the things that eased this transition was Greek Life. You probably have heard a lot about Greek life from different...
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Do You Wanna Build a Campfire?

Camping has been one of my lifelong hobbies. I've camped times and times back in Indonesia and Washington state. Occasionally, I've also camped in U of M libraries during finals week and let me tell you that it's purely comfortable on top of being...