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Math & Science: High School vs. College

What typical College of Science and Engineering students say: High School College Identity Everyone's go-to for homeworks Who am I? Challenge Participated in competitions to seek more challenge Not a challenge... it's SURVIVAL ( Tip : Don't be...
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Myth of the Winter in Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota is notoriously cold in the United States. But should you and I fear it? I will be honest, winter in Minnesota is definitely colder than most states in the US. Temperatures commonly drop below 0 degrees Celsius (below 32 deg...
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Miles from Home, Gaining Miles of Maturity

Before coming to the United States, the thought of studying in America seemed easy and relaxing. Maybe the worst thing we could think of at that time was missing home, familiar food, and our friends and family. But once we were here, we would think...
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A cautionary tale...

(Barely completing your 8-hour beauty sleep...) 7:00 am - Alarm... Snooze! 7:01 am - Snooze again 7:02 am - Snooze again. Promises to wake up next 10 minutes 7:12 am - Snooze AGAIN... (Class starting in 10 minutes) 8:50 am - "RING!!" 8:51 am - Shirt...
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Dieting in College?

While all the kids in my school were growing taller, I was expanding wider. Of course, this didn’t keep going on forever; otherwise by now, I’d be a balloon. To me, college is a new chapter of life both physically and mentally. So I decided to make...
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It's Summer!

Summer in Minnesota: It's safe and fun indoors
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ISSS - Your New Family

Once you've decided to come to the US, you'll be encountering a lot of words starting with the letter "I ". International Independent I-20 Ice Insulator Immigration iPhone That's when you know you are now an "international student". There's one "I"...
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Need More Sleep!

Winter break is over, and classes just resumed. Talks about trips, food, boredom and jet lag flooded the whole campus. I was one of the few international students who didn’t go back home during the break mainly because I was just too busy to buy a...