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Dressing for the Minnesotan Winter

Before I came here to the University of Minnesota, I was told that it can get really cold. Now that I've spent a year and a half here, I am telling you, the cold here is NOT A JOKE. If you are from a tropical country like I am, I have a few tips...
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Getting a cold

When you get a cold, you feel the worst. You cannot get up from bed but need to go to a class. If you are not going to the class, you are going to fall behind in class... Don't worry! Everyone gets sick, and professors know that! I catched a cold...
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Thanksgiving Trip to Colorado

Ah! It’s that time of the year again, when all of the US awaits for the Black Friday deals, tons of stuffing and turkey, and a break from school, work and other duties. It’s been two years since I arrived to the United States and I remember so...