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It's Summer!

Summer in Minnesota: It's safe and fun indoors
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Enjoy your summer in Minneapolis!

Are you staying here in Minneapolis during summer working or taking summer classes? Are you worried that there would be nothing to do in Minneapolis? Don't worry! There are a lot of fun places to go with affordable fees! Make sure to visit all of...
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Dieting in College?

While all the kids in my school were growing taller, I was expanding wider. Of course, this didn’t keep going on forever; otherwise by now, I’d be a balloon. To me, college is a new chapter of life both physically and mentally. So I decided to make...
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Have you ever seen a falcon up close? You can at the U of M!

Raptor Center at the U of M Yesterday I had a rare chance to see a presentation about the Raptor Center at the U of M. The presenter brought a peregrine falcon and a greyhound owl ! I cannot express how cute they were! The falcon seemed fragile and...
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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The University of Minnesota is a world-class research school and there are plenty of research opportunities. The professors here at the U are very friendly and most of them are willing to take in undergraduate research students! As a freshman, I was...
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Want to get the most out of your freshman year as International Student? Here's how!

My freshman year has been over for almost a month, and I would say, I've had one of the craziest, most rewarding, and most meaningful years of my life. Here's how: 1. LIVE IN THE DORM One of the best decisions I made was to live on campus, in a dorm...
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Saturday Fun

Saturday was pretty eventful! We (my friends and I) decided to use the newly opened Metro Transit Green Line to go to St. Paul’s Farmers Market. Luckily we printed a coupon for a free ride from the Farmer’s Market official web site . The new green...