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Math & Science: High School vs. College

What typical College of Science and Engineering students say:


                        High School

Identity Everyone's go-to for homeworks  Who am I?
Challenge Participated in competitions to seek more challenge

Not a challenge... it's SURVIVAL

(Tip: Don't be fooled by easy introductory classes)

Effort for HW Doing homeworks 5 minutes before they're due A minute passed is like losing $100
Deadlines Too long that we've become expert procrastinators Cramming is not a choice, but your extra limb!
Material Just need a couple of hours to master it

Expected to build a bridge or a reactor

Exams One of the first to finish. Casually turns in the exam.

He's done already?!


Sleep is boring. Let's play League!

(The blogger has strict parents hence no League account)

What's "sleep"?
Food Dinner again? 

"Hm...erasers taste better than chalks!"

Instructors Ms. X loves me (coz I gud...) "Oh my gosh, he's my hero"
Books $ to $$$


Hence, visit lib.umn.edu 


Got awesome friends and teachers!

Classmates are your new siblings
Graduation I wish high school never ended "I built a bridge..."  *Tears*

Note: No one was harmed or injured during his or her time in the College and Science of Engineering. Exceptions apply to the person's GPA.