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Dieting in College?

While all the kids in my school were growing taller, I was expanding wider. 

Of course, this didn’t keep going on forever; otherwise by now, I’d be a balloon. 
To me, college is a new chapter of life both physically and mentally.
So I decided to make myself get in shape, not to impress people but just to try live a healthier lifestyle.
My strategy was to follow someone very successful, but at the same time who has very similar features as I do.
I mean it’s hard to tell the difference. Really. He looks like a nice and heartwarming Asian and he’s also 5’ 7’’. Just like me.
So after hours of Googling determination, there was always one suggestion that stood out, which was to maintain a proper diet. 
Another one was liposuction, but…
Going through all that just for the looks isn’t worth it. There wouldn’t be a sense of pride and accomplishment.
And you don’t want to lie to your friends anyway. 
So going back, the websites say that it takes at least a month or two for changes to take effect. 
Not before long, I was bound to commit to my first one-month diet.
I started off eating healthy. It’s a great thing that the cafeterias in the university offer a wide range of healthy choices.
For the first week
It seemed easy. I didn’t cheat or skip meals and ate a balanced diet.
For the second week:
During the week, I felt like I was doing something wrong. It’s like I am missing out on something. Though I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t in the mood.
During the third week:
Then I destroyed my diet. 
It didn't take long before I was bloated once again.
I clearly missed the point of what successful dieting is. I believe it’s about moderation and maintaining a properly balanced lifestyle.
The next 3 weeks proved to be more successful than the first 2 weeks combined. Not only did I feel better about my appearance, but also I’m happier and more satisfied.
But instead of exercising everyday…
Doing all these things is just one of the many ways for me to transform myself for the better.
In any case, it's better to project our image as being disciplined with our bodies than being ostentatious. In that we won't make others feel self-conscious or bad, but rather inspire them.
Good luck living a happy and healthy life!
(You can find additional resources at the University's Recreation and Wellness Center, and Boynton Health Services, to maintain a healthy lifestyle on campus!)