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ISSS - Your New Family

Once you've decided to come to the US, you'll be encountering a lot of words starting with the letter "I".
That's when you know you are now an "international student".

There's one "I" word you need to remember while you're in here the University of Minnesota.



But hey!

Wait, don't..


Don't need to be afraid. Let me explain.

The I.S.S.S. stands for the International Students and Scholar Services, which is composed of highly dedicated people to ensure your smooth stay in the US.

While being thousands of miles away from home, we can sometimes find it difficult to communicate to our families and ask help from them. 

And sometimes we really don't know where to go or who to ask help from.

This is why the I.S.S.S. is here for each and every international student. In fact, they have already been preparing a lot of things specifically for you even before you've booked your plane ticket!

You may think that the I.S.S.S. probably is just another "serious organization", which only prepares documents to ensure you're legally apt to study in the US. 

Well, NO! 

The I.S.S.S. is YOUR new family.

Like what other ambassadors have blogged about, the I.S.S.S. organizes activities and opens a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in and sometimes out of campus.

(I never tried that though ^ ^)

They're also glad to train you on dealing with academic to institution matters, like advising on internships, CO-OPs, or even jobs.

So don't worry! There's all reasons to love them.

Like I said, the I.S.S.S. is a team of highly dedicated, friendly and caring people, which I actually consider them to be my brothers and sisters.

And so proudly presenting your brothers and sisters from the I.S.S.S.:

Get the chance to meet them once you're here! There are a lot of things you can learn from them.