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Need More Sleep!

Winter break is over, and classes just resumed. Talks about trips, food, boredom and jet lag flooded the whole campus.

I was one of the few international students who didn’t go back home during the break mainly because I was just too busy to buy a ticket. Instead, I planned to enjoy a few moments with myself.

I thought about all kinds of productive things I could jumpstart on for Spring semester. So that would mean I wouldn’t need a major adjustment when the break is over.

But that wasn’t the case. I was having the strangest sleeping pattern I could possibly ever imagine.

It all started one night, around 10:40 pm. I hadn’t eaten all day and was now craving for something huge. I decided to order some pizza.


A few minutes later.


By the time I finally bothered to look at my clock, it was already past 6 am.

Clearly, my brain wasn’t functioning correctly from all the carbohydrates and excessive waking hours. Not for long, I dropped dead.

Later, to my horror, it was already 6 pm!


My body had adapted to the “night shift” schedule. But the thing was, I didn’t think this was going to be a problem. Instead, I had the mentality of waking up to be as productive as possible for at least 12 hours.

Little did I know, my entire break was going to be exactly like last night’s schedule.


Occasionally there are some changes in schedule

One day, a call woke me up


Suddenly it occurred to me that school starts in 3 days.

I bought all my books and materials that day because the university bookstore was going to be busy by the time I was supposed to be awake.

But then I still wondered how am I going to adjust my sleeping schedule? It’s weird because it’s like I’m having a jet lag when I was actually in Minneapolis the whole time! I don’t even know what time zone I have adapted.

Suddenly, I knew the explanation to everything that was going on with me.

After a little search in Google that night (or my morning), it takes about a week to cure “jet lag”, and found out that I’m living in Sapporo, Japan’s time.

I started to think of different ways to fix my sleeping schedule in less than 3 days.


It was an utter failure. There was no way I can get better in this short amount of time.

3 days later when my roommates came back.



I was able to cure myself during the first 2 days of classes. I ended up waking up for 25 hours and my crazy sleeping pattern was over.

The moral of the story is to always keep track of time and prepare ahead so that any adjustments can be made easily later on.

Sleep well tonight!